The transport of goods around the world

About Us

About Us

CARGO AEROLINEA SA, was founded in 1990 by a group of professionals, who previously held management positions in leading national and international companies in the international transport sector and customs agency.

Established as a leading international company in air cargo transport, CARGO AEROLINEA offers its customers a fully customized service according to the needs of each product.

Through our own offices and our extensive network of collaborators spread over more than 180 countries we provide global coverage so that your merchandise can be exported or imported from -to any point in the world.


Our long-term partnerships with multiple airlines and permanent contact with them allow us to offer the customer exhaustive control over their merchandise, always updated rates.

We offer a priority Air Transportation service: Also called “next available flight”, we take care of loading the goods on the first direct flight or in the fastest connection possible.

With CARGO AEROLINEA we are committed to positioning your merchandise at the indicated airport between one and two days after the departure of the cargo.

Types of Air Transport service

  • Door – Door
  • Airport – Airport
  • Door – Airport
  • Airport – Door


We also offer a charter air transport service:

Designated especially for voluminous, oversized and urgent merchandise that can not be transported in regular planes, through our charter service, you can have a complete aircraft to perform your operations with greater flexibility, speed and efficiency.

CARGO AEROLINEA offers the possibility of insuring any merchandise transported. The insurances we manage cover any loss / theft / damage to the merchandise at any point of transport from place of origin to place of delivery.