The transport of goods around the world



We can transport both general cargo, vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, backhoes, perishables, dangerous merchandise, high value merchandise, live animals, etc …

CARGO AEROLINEA manages all the documentation related to the shipment and to any form of purchase and sale of the merchandise.

Availability of equipment in the main poles. Compliance guarantee in transit times. Distinctive clean transport. Compliance with regulations that regulate national and international freight transportation. Logistic advice for the formulation of your logistics plan. Supervision at all times of the trajectory of your shipment by our Truck tracking department. Follow-up of the road safety protocol to guarantee the integrity of our operators and third parties. Your merchandise travels in the best hands. Our operators count on the certification of reliable resource. Total coverage of services from collections, local deliveries, storage, maneuvers, reconditioning, inventory control, customs procedures, insurance of goods and custodies.

We have a follow-up, allows our customers to track their shipments. This way, the client can always know the real situation of their shipments.

CARGO AEROLINEA offers the possibility of insuring any merchandise transported. The insurances we manage cover any loss / theft / damage to the merchandise at any point of transport from place of origin to place of delivery.